About Us

Deaf Expression (DEI) was the first sign language interpreting agency in the Greater Kansas City area. DEI was created to offer scheduled and emergency services available 24/7. Our certified sign language interpreters are available throughout the Kansas City metro area. Our agency sets the standard for quality, availability and professionalism in our region.

Our experienced professionals adhere to a strict code of ethics. Confidentiality is of the utmost concern. Every client can be assured that requests will be handled discreetly, appropriately and efficiently. Our interpreters are trained in Deaf Culture. They bring a unique understanding of Deaf Culture to help bridge the gap between the Deaf and Hearing communities.

In addition to regular business hours, our phone dispatch services are available anytime. Our interpreters are out working in the field day and night, whenever and wherever they are needed. For after hour requests, a live operator can be reached by calling our office ... we are always there!

While it is true that interpreting is the bulk of what we do, we have always been a source of information and institutional wisdom for questions about issues and situations that come up regarding communication with the Deaf.